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Don Jose Sulaiman, the long serving president of the World Boxing Council has blasted the Amateur International Boxing Association president Dr. Wu Ching Kuo Wu and has also added that he is not trustworthy at all.

The reason for this tirade by the World Boxing Council president is that the Amateur International Boxing Association, with the help of an appointed promoter staged a boxing card between amateur boxers and their professional counterparts in Foro Polanco and this event also included boxers from foreign nations in the national boxing team of Mexico, which, according to Sulaiman was a complete failure and shameful.

Mexico also houses the headquarters of the WBC and Sulaiman added that the very fact that the event was staged in Mexico was an insult to the country as well and that the lowest fight card promoted in Mexico was also better than the fight card that was promoted. Moreover, another reason for this tirade against the AIBA is regarding the participation of professional boxers in the upcoming London Olympic Games.

Sulaiman said that this was being done in order to create a monopoly in the world of boxing because if only boxers from the AIBA are allowed to participate in the Olympic Games, the sport would not be the same and that this was also against the laws of many countries. He also added that the worst part of the matter was the Dr. Wu was shamelessly asking for the world of boxing to trust him.

Sulaiman also went back to 2006 when he recounted how Dr. Wu approached him for help to get him elected as the president of the AIBA, which he did, helping Dr. Wu to win the elections and become president by a margin of 4 votes. Whatever be the reason for the tirade, the sport is getting messier day by day.