Wanderlei Silva looking to shrug off drug test failures

The Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Wanderlei Silva is known for his all round abilities and has a worldwide fame. He has been involved with the boxing league of Japan as well as that of UFC. He has been a well known name in the circuit for his Muay Thai skills. The middleweight category is where he competes and has achieved success in both the leagues in which he has featured. His career recently hit a low as he failed two drug tests that were conducted randomly by Nevada Athletic Commission. But he remained upbeat about his chances in competing at the highest stage. Ross Gudman who is the attorney of Wanderlei Silva has been quoted saying that the Commission did not have the jurisdiction to conduct the test and to lodge a complaint against the experienced campaigner.
According to the latest reports there are some controversy about the license of the organization that has lodged a complaint against the fighter. Wanderlei Silva has always been a favorite with the people in general due to his conduct but this might harm his reoutation. However, close friends and family have been vocal in his support. They believe that the fighter will also get enough support from the mass who have been largely responsible for his star status. There has not yet been any official issue about his next bout and the opponent that he is going to face as of yet. But things are expected to fall in place soon. The veteran is eyeing another successful season and looking for adding one more title to his kitty. The Brazilian star is presently on a break but he is putting in the extra effort to get back in shape. While the legal issues get resolved he is getting ready to fight his way in.