Shane Demonstrates His Hero Spirit

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We often see heroes rescuing babies and others from impossible road accidents, but it seldom happens in reality.

This time it has done and it was made possible by Shane Mosley aka Sugar. He is now not only a champion but also a hero. Shane Mosley is also known as Sugar who saved a baby who was stuck under a pile up to four cars. This occurred on the Interstate 405 highway.

The boxing champion, now 44 years of age, stated that he witnessed the accident which could have resulted in the cars catching fire as well. But seeing the baby being stuck under the pileup he decided to take the risk.

When he got to the accident scene, he found that the baby was stuck in the car seat and the father was unable to unlock the doors. Mosley had a tough time, but he persisted, having reached the accident scene as and when it happened as he was passing by. He asked his girlfriend to call in 911. After the baby and the father were rescued, they helped to contact the mother and even spoke to the father after he came to his senses.

Shane Mosley, with this recent act of a good citizen, proved himself to be a hero in real life as well. In the ring he is already a super welterweight and a former welterweight champion. When he was unable to unlock the car door and get the baby out, he got his girlfriend to call in 911. This has surely impacted his fan world. He even followed the ambulance to the hospital where he ensured that the mother was contacted who was pregnant with the second child. He has even given tickets for the forthcoming fight to the family as a true fighter.