Savannah Will Look To Gain Ground Again

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The semifinals of the World Championship saw Savannah losing out to Nouchka Fontijn. Savannah is part of the middleweight category, hailing from England.

Nouchka on the other hand, is a Dutch contestant who seemed to be in livelier spirits when she defeated her opponent. Marshall hails from Hartlepool and is twenty five years of age. The semifinal match was held in the afternoon of Thursday in Kazakhstan. She was desperate that she will not have another fight scheduled with the number two player. Luck was on her side as well as she had already secured her position in the last four to make the Olympics. That took place on Tuesday. Being a Sky Academy Sports scholar also made her confident at the start of the match.

As a result, she started off in a confident manner. She dictated from the center from the start of the match. Soon there were headshots from both direction and that led to excitement among the viewers. Though she did secure a solid right as well as a busy opening, she could not end the game with the right honors. Marshall had taken on the stance to play offensive that had worked to her advantage. She was full of body shots when she started. However, in the second round she was caught by surprise as her opponent delivered a right hand that was vicious.

Marshall was trying to get a miracle to happen in the final round. Her aim was to win back the championship that seemed to be slipping from her hands. Marshall then pushed forward and tried to dominate with a jab and left hand combination. The judges, however, were not convinced about her abilities after that and hence, the scores did not go in her favor finally. However, she will look for ways to get her position back soon.