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An MMA event at Parma featured a former NFL player. Goodman -- who takes on UFC veteran Forrest "The Meat Cleaver" Petz in Parma on Saturday as the headlining fight on Dan Bobish's Ultimate Cage Battles "Pride & Glory" card -- spent 2000 and 2001 as a Green Bay Packers running back. His career totals: four carries for minus-3 yards. He did a little better returning kicks, handling five for a total of 150 yards. But no touchdowns.

His record as a fighter is 16-9. That's not great, but it beats averaging minus-0.7 yards per carry.


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UFC Legend Chuck Liddell has retired from fighting. In the same announcement, they also said Liddell would be named to the executive staff as UFC Executive Vice President of Business Development.

While today’s UFC fans may look at Brock Lesnar and others like him as the casual fan draws to a constantly-growing sport, anyone who was around in Liddell’s heyday can testify to what a tremendous personality he was in mixed martial arts.


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The MMA card was cancelled at the last minute and it was revealed that he could be held at a later date. Fans who went to the Dixie Center to watch a mixed martial arts event were disappointed Saturday.


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The MMA is set to resume its action and there are many bold predictions as to who will win at. Don't worry, this one isn't strictly a UFC-only prediction piece, but we are coming to the end of 2010, steady approaching 2011, and now is the time when people go balls out in predicting which events will and won't take place in the world of MMA.

Some events are bound to go down, while others may prove to just get our hopes up, but certain things will happen in 2011.

Basic Boxing: Easy Tips

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Don’t be nervous and tense. Be loose, supple, and relaxed. Conserve your energy. Many fights are won by the man who can keep going longer. So, don’t burn off energy in nervous tension.

2.Feet in the proper positions

Never get your feet crossed, proper balance is critical to being able to deliver punches or to subtly shift your body so your opponent misses. During training, think about your footwork first; without good footwork, nothing else will work right.

3.Knees slightly bent

Basic Boxing: The Gloves

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Before buying your first pair of boxing gloves,
here are a few things you should know.

Leather gloves are recommended. Leather may cost a little extra, but will last longer and provide better support. For fitness classes this might not an issue, but for boxing training it is more important. VELCRO OR

The classic style boxing gloves that you always see in prize fights are tied on with laces. Just like lacing up your shoes, laces provide a nice snug fit.

Basic Boxing: Early Pains and Strains

Boxing training isn’t easy. New boxers have to deal with soreness, and a lot of it.

Here is a list of the aches and pains experienced by all boxing beginners, and some tips to help you deal with the soreness.

Shoulder soreness

When you practice new punches, the number one problem is shoulder soreness. The front of your shoulders — called the anterior deltoid muscle — is a small, relatively weak muscle that doesn’t typically get very much training during normal workout routines.

In boxing workout routines however, this muscle is heavily stressed.

Basic Boxing: The Bag

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you know all about the benefits of a punching bag workout. So let’s get right to the advice about how to use your heavy bag.
Ceiling-mounted or free-standing

There are two considerations:

* The height of your heavybag
* The space around the bag

What you should know about heavybag height

Boxing Basics: The Stance

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Have you ever watched boxing? Notice how they are leaned slightly forward, standing on the balls of their feet, knees bent, feet about shoulder width apart, tip of the weak foot approximately 3-6" in front of the tip of the strong foot and their body is loose and relaxed.

To find how much to bend your knees, I visualize a vertical line from my kneecap to the ball of the foot. The hips should be in a natural position with the back and your center of balance low over the balls of your feet. I prefer to have the front of the shoulders a minimum of an inch in front of the hips.

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