Boxing at Stake

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Fighting was once upon a time considered a noble sport. However slowly with time, the art of fighting as a sport, or in other words boxing started to grow flashier and more violent with the boxers emerging with the cigars and tattoos on their faces as a mark of their attitude that was to be feared. By the time, boxers have risen above being the most imposing sportsperson to being behaving almost like thugs.


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In what was a great event for Indian women’s boxing, their pugilists M.C. Mary Kom and L. Sarita Devi won Gold in their respective clashes as the team ended up with a haul of two Gold medals, four Silver medals and two Bronze medals at the 6th Asian Women’s Championships that was held in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Furthermore, the Indian team also bagged the overall runners up trophy, coming just behind China which bagged top honors at the event.


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Don Jose Sulaiman, the long serving president of the World Boxing Council has blasted the Amateur International Boxing Association president Dr. Wu Ching Kuo Wu and has also added that he is not trustworthy at all.

Is Boxing Safe for All

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Is Boxing practice safe for everyone?
No, this game is not safe for everyone. This can be an exciting sport if you know the techniques and rules of the game. This game can be dangerous if you are not aware of the rules and techniques. Play a real game only if you know both the defensive and attacking techniques. This game also requires good medical fitness so one should not think of boxing practice if he is suffering from serious diseases such as Asthma, Cancer, Kidney problems, and Heart problems etc. Medical fitness should be confirmed by a qualified doctor.

Boxing Exercises


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Melvin Guillard is back in the ring in just over two weeks, and is gunning for a chance to fight for the title.

Despite having been involved in UFC since it's inception, Guillard has yet to have a title fight - though this was mainly caused by the fact that he tested positive for using the illegal drug cocaine just after UFC 9.


Shane Carwin has been speaking recently about the way to win the MMA title. I'm always looking to finish the fight, either by knockout or submission. I'm constantly trying. I just go in there and do my thing. This is something I love to do and I'll take a win any way I can get it. But I'm mostly always looking for a knockout.

I just go in there and try to impose my will on him. Dos Santos is a great boxer and he has great hands. We've trained for all that. We'll go in with our gameplan and try to implement it, try to get a knockout on him as soon as possible.


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Thiago Alves has made public comments about the Rick Story that has been dominating headlines recently. Thiago Alves discussed his UFC 130 opponent Rick Story calling him out.


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Dan Henderson has said that he has been there and done it and is looking for more belts in the future to relive the moments of his career. But his fight with Rafael "Feijão" Cavalcante this Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio, borders on something more like déjà vu.


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Fedor Emelianenko didn't last against Antonio Silva in the latest MMA fight. An exciting Strikeforce card ended in disappointment for many as Fedor Emelianenko was not permitted to come out for the third round of his Grand Prix quarterfinal bout against Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva. The cageside doctor called off the fight after examining the swollen right eye of "The Last Emperor," which was closed thanks to the brutal ground-and-pound from Silva during a dominant second round.


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Herschel Walker remarkably had a easy victory over Scott Carson in an MMA fight. The 48-year-old Walker improved to 2-0 in his MMA career.

Carson connected early in the round with a kick to Walker's head, but the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner and professional football star took over and easily dispatched his opponent.

The fight was stopped at 3:13 of the round after Walker dropped carson with a punch.

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