Forrest Griffin To Meet Fans In New UFC Fitness Gym In Green Valley

Fans meeting the veteran of a sport are one of the best gifts that anyone can get. Come the September the 6th the fans from green Valley will be able to meet the Ultimate Fighting Championship Veteran Forrest Griffin. He is scheduled to visit the opening of the UFC fitness gym in the green valley. This gym is being opened by Charles Haycox a lieutenant in Nevada Highway Patrol. He was also a great fan of the UFC and he never missed a single opportunity of watching a match.

Wanderlei Silva looking to shrug off drug test failures

The Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Wanderlei Silva is known for his all round abilities and has a worldwide fame. He has been involved with the boxing league of Japan as well as that of UFC. He has been a well known name in the circuit for his Muay Thai skills. The middleweight category is where he competes and has achieved success in both the leagues in which he has featured. His career recently hit a low as he failed two drug tests that were conducted randomly by Nevada Athletic Commission. But he remained upbeat about his chances in competing at the highest stage.

Cain Velasquez Planning November Return

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Leading American MMA star Cain Velasquez has expressed his desire for a November return, much to the delight of his fans.
“I would personally prefer to fight at least twice in a year”, said Velasquez in a recent interview.

Klitschko Knows That His Toughest Match Is Outside Right, Against Russian President

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Retired heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko has declared that his biggest bout is not against any fighter from North America, rather it is the Russian president Vladimir Putin with whom Klitschko having his lifetime fight.

According to a recent interview by sports portal mail online correspondent Jeff Powell, Vitali not only is eyeing to abolish misrule, corruption from Ukraine, but also trying to become the president of his hinterland.

Franklin says he can beat Anderson Silva

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There was a time when former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Rich Franklin was the top fighter in the UFC. Back in 2006, Ace had a record of 22-1 and finished all except one of his opponents via knockout.

Franklin had completed two defenses of his title since taking the belt from Evan Tanner at UFC 53 and by the time he stepped inside the cage at UFC 64 against Anderson Silva, he was the overwhelming favorite.

Khan can beat Floyd

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Renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach believes Amir Khan has all the attributes required and necessary to inflict the first defeat of his career on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Reports continue to circulate in the English and American media that the undefeated Welterweight champion of the world and the World Boxing Council or the WBC belt holder will take the Bolton based brawler on in a match on the 3rd of May at Las Vegas in Nevada with the Khan camp confident that an agreement can be reached with the notoriously poor negotiating team of Money.

Carl Froch ignores Calzaghe advice

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Former world champion and legendary Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe believes Englishman and double world champion Carl Froch is risking his long term legacy in the sport by sidestepping from a rematch against George Groves, who he beat in a controversial win last month in Sheffield in a world title match.

According to the unbeaten Welshman, Groves was dominating the match quite easily before the referee brought the match to an abrupt halt in the middle of the ninth round when the challenger had slacked off slightly under the power of the champion’s punches.

Better sports with online betting

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There is nothing more exciting than sports, right? Wrong. There is actually a way how you can improve your spectator-experience. All you need to do is add a little spice to your cheering.

And how do you this? How about giving you something more to cheer for? What if you could win together with your winning team? Wouldn’t that improve your sports experience? Then you should try online sports betting.

Floyd Sr. wants his son to fight Pacquiao

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. thinks that his son Floyd Jr. will set up a fight against English boxer Amir Khan next rather than taking on the challenge of the World Boxing Association or the WBA and World Boxing Council or the WBC Light Welterweight Championship holder Danny Garcia.

The senior Floyd, however, believes neither of the two will stand a chance of defeating his son inside the ring and as a result, he is not particularly thrilled about him taking on any one of them. And the one fighter Floyd Sr. thinks will get the fans and he excited is if his son fought Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao could be facing Floyd

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his arch nemesis Manny Pacquiao have agreed to sit down and talk about a potential super match in the near future, if and when Floyd manages to overcome the challenge of Saul Alvarez, who is set to face this weekend at Las Vegas in Nevada for the World Boxing Council or the WBC Welterweight Championship.

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