Klitschko Knows That His Toughest Match Is Outside Right, Against Russian President

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Retired heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko has declared that his biggest bout is not against any fighter from North America, rather it is the Russian president Vladimir Putin with whom Klitschko having his lifetime fight.

According to a recent interview by sports portal mail online correspondent Jeff Powell, Vitali not only is eyeing to abolish misrule, corruption from Ukraine, but also trying to become the president of his hinterland.

“The people of my nation deserve respect and freedom. They should also be properly rewarded for their hard work and given opportunity to fulfill the ambitions of their lives,” stated Klitschko sounding like a true politician during his interview to Powell.

From the excerpts of this interview, experts from the bout world feel that Vitali has started emerging as someone who mixes national politics well with heavyweight championship. After the winner of several titles Klitschko announced his retirement from the ring in Kiev last weekend, many considered it as no surprise, as Klitschko’s fans and followers always knew about his inclinations after retirement.

Political experts believe that Klitschko is a true Europhile and that is why he would never become such a president of Ukraine whom the Russian president would love to work with as the key politician from his neighboring country. Now it is time to see how Putin and the famous Red Army of the Russian president react if former fighter Vitali Klitschko become the Ukrainian president.

Lately, Klitschko has been seen fighting for the rights of his fellow countrymen and the video where the ex-fighter’ face is smeared with fire extinguisher foam during the protest, has gone viral to various social networking portals.

“For me Ukraine anyday ranks higher to me than my fights against any WBC heavyweight champion.”