Jon Wayne Parr’s Daughter To Fight Again

Jasmine Parr, the 11 year old daughter of Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr, whose Muay Thai debut became a national news in Australia is again going to fight in the ring. John Wayne Parr became world kickboxing champion six times and Angela Parr was also a world champion Muay Thai fighter.

Jasmine Parr’s debut kickboxing match that happened in the year 2011 was against a seven year old girl. After that fight, Jasmine Parr took up dancing and gymnastics but she continued to train Muay Thai.

Jasmine Parr fights amateur Muay Thai wearing all the necessary protective gears to avoid injury. In December 2014 she fought for the fourth time. Her opponent was 12 years old. John Wayne Parr thinks that his daughter taking up the sport is actually good for her. He said that training in Muay Thai lets her lead a healthy and active life. He said that a kid training in Muay Thai is generally well mannered and respectful towards their parents and they’re less likely to drink or smoke.

Jasmine Parr wants to establish herself as a Muay Thai fighter like her parents and she also wants to become like the UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. Jasmine Parr said that she did train but there are a few fighters who belong in her weight category. She wants to become a successful kick boxer first and then she wants to enter UFC and become a champion.

Jasmine has a younger brother who is 6 years old and Mr. Parr has said that he will be very happy if his children take up Muay Thai. In John Wayne Parr’s gym, classes for children are held twice every week. John Wayne Parr has said before that he is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC. John Wayne Parr’s favourite MMA fighter is the UFC fighter Georges St Pierre.