Franklin says he can beat Anderson Silva

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There was a time when former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Rich Franklin was the top fighter in the UFC. Back in 2006, Ace had a record of 22-1 and finished all except one of his opponents via knockout.

Franklin had completed two defenses of his title since taking the belt from Evan Tanner at UFC 53 and by the time he stepped inside the cage at UFC 64 against Anderson Silva, he was the overwhelming favorite.

But things didn’t pan out as he had expected. Anderson took his title and created a legacy that overshadows the achievements of all and sundry in the UFC, and has he been hailed as arguably the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time.

Till now, Franklin has had to go to the judges for only four of his fights, winning 25 fights via knockout or submission. He was last seen in the UFC back in 2012 going down to a knockout blow from Cung Lee.

Surely at the twilight of his career, Franklin has just one more fight left in his contract and in a recent interview; he said he would love it if he could face Anderson Silva for one last time. And he has claimed he believes he can beat Anderson Silva and not only the Brazilian, the American believes his championship mentality makes it easy for him to face up to anybody and if somebody asked him if he could beat Jon Jones, he would say he surely could.

Everyone remembers Silva paying tribute to Ace after taking the title from him, much like Chris Weidman did after beating Silva and for the UFC to pit these two together for one last time, it could be a match that would be remembered for all the right reasons.