Forrest Griffin To Meet Fans In New UFC Fitness Gym In Green Valley

Fans meeting the veteran of a sport are one of the best gifts that anyone can get. Come the September the 6th the fans from green Valley will be able to meet the Ultimate Fighting Championship Veteran Forrest Griffin. He is scheduled to visit the opening of the UFC fitness gym in the green valley. This gym is being opened by Charles Haycox a lieutenant in Nevada Highway Patrol. He was also a great fan of the UFC and he never missed a single opportunity of watching a match.
The idea of him opening this gym came when he first visited a UFC gym in Anthem. While talking to the press he said that during his visit to a UFC gym he found that the training process used in this gym was very useful as they helped in burning calories pretty easily. He also said that a day’s work out easily burnt 800-1000 calories and hence it was process that impressed Charles. So after being a lieutenant for his life patrolling the highway he decided to open up a new UFC gym and take it as his business venture.
The new business venture helped him open a UFC gym in green valley located on green valley parkway and warm spring’s road. He also said that the facilities provided in the gym are quite an outstanding one and these gyms are changing the ways of human life. He also that this new gym facility is not a fight club from UFC but it is a fitness club whose main focus is to make people fit. The owner of the gym will be hosting a small opening ceremony for the gym this Saturday and the gates will be thrown open for the people to get fitter. He also said that there are different courses for different age group hence people of all age can get fitter.