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Former world super-lightweight champ Amir Khan is planning to return to the ring at this end of the year 2017.

His last fight was the loss to Canelo Alvarez a year back. The 30-year old crumbled in the fight so he has found it difficult to get worthy opponents to fight him.

Khan can beat Floyd

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Renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach believes Amir Khan has all the attributes required and necessary to inflict the first defeat of his career on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Reports continue to circulate in the English and American media that the undefeated Welterweight champion of the world and the World Boxing Council or the WBC belt holder will take the Bolton based brawler on in a match on the 3rd of May at Las Vegas in Nevada with the Khan camp confident that an agreement can be reached with the notoriously poor negotiating team of Money.

Amir Khan doesn’t take criticism

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English boxer and former world champion Amir Khan has admitted that he has given up trying to win over each and every boxing fan, stating that no matter what he does inside the boxing ring, he will always be denounced by a section of the crowd.

The Bolton based brawler takes on Julio Diaz as he looks to get back into the reckoning and try and regain his footing in the division to get another crack at regaining the Light Welterweight Championship.

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