Carl Froch wants UK fight with Andre Ward

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Englishman Carl Froch, who holds the World Boxing Association or the WBA Middleweight Championship, has challenged American Andre Ward, the holder of the WBA Super Middleweight Championship to cross the Atlantic and face him in his own backyard at the City Ground of Nottingham Forest Football Club.

Ward is seen as reluctant by his peers of moving out of his comfort zone for a fight except for two occasions when he fought in the Caribbean some 8-9 years ago and Froch has dared to cross the Atlantic this time and face him. The American is seen as a premier boxer in the Middleweight category after he defeated the Cobra to secure the Super Six tournament win in Atlantic City in 2011.

But he has fought just twice in the three years since then and now, the WBA wants its 'Super' and 'Regular' Middleweight champions to face off against each other unify the title belts to crown a new lineal champion.

Ward, who refers to himself as the 'Son of God', has been warned by Froch that he threatens his own legacy if he does not fight difficult opponents in their comfort zones and wait for them to come to his territory. Froch has said that someone needs to make him realise that he needs to do that, adding that the American will find him to be a much different fighter than the one he faced three years ago.

Froch also added that he has fought Ward at his own terms in the United States and now, it is time that he returned that favour and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to face him on his terms.

The Cobra recently vacated his IBF Middleweight Championship and he is keen to set up this fight for a crack at unifying the two belts.