Carl Froch ignores Calzaghe advice

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Former world champion and legendary Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe believes Englishman and double world champion Carl Froch is risking his long term legacy in the sport by sidestepping from a rematch against George Groves, who he beat in a controversial win last month in Sheffield in a world title match.

According to the unbeaten Welshman, Groves was dominating the match quite easily before the referee brought the match to an abrupt halt in the middle of the ninth round when the challenger had slacked off slightly under the power of the champion’s punches.

The Nottingham based Froch has resisted talks of a rematch against Groves so far and maintained his stance that the only rematch he might be interested in would be against the American Andre Ward, who inflicted one of the two defeats, he has suffered in his career.

Calzaghe was himself called out several times by Carl Froch while he was entering the twilight of his career before bringing the curtains down in 2008 stated that he felt Groves was the one who dominated the match for long periods and Froch was extremely fortunate to have the outcome go in his favor.

Froch made an appearance at a BBC ceremony on Sunday night along with both Calzaghe and Groves where he stated that whatever happens, he will not be rushed into making a decision on his future.

The Englishman stated that everyone present could see what was going to happen in the match and according to him; the referee did the right thing stopping the match at that time.

Carl Froch also mentioned that he has three more fights left in him at most and will look to a rematch against Andre Ward, as he sits down with promoter Eddie Heard before announcing his next step in the future.