Calzaghe named Fighter of the Decade

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It is very rare for Americans to praise someone from the shores of Britain and even if they do heap praise on someone, they never tend to go overboard.

So, it was extremely refreshing as well as an astonishing piece of news when it emerged that Joe Calzaghe was give the recognition he deserved across the Atlantic. A group of influential fight personalities from New York known as Ring 8 named the Welsh boxing legend as the Fighter of the Decade.

The Welshman was supposed to fly to The Big Apple and collect his award at a gala dinner hosted by the Ring 8, but he couldn’t make it across the Atlantic after all flights were cancelled due to heavy snowfall. But in spite of the fact that he couldn’t make it to the event, it just goes to show how much the Welshman is revered across the pond considering the fact that he beat of strong opposition from the class of 2000, the likes of Oscar de la Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather Jr. to claim the award.

Calzaghe defeated Jones in his last fight as a professional almost four years back now and retired with a record of 46 wins in 46 fights, that just goes to show how great he actually was. Not only that, the Welsh legend won 22 championship bouts during his time in the ring and also unified the Super Middleweight division.

Jack Hirsh, one of the best known critics of boxing in the US and a member of Ring 8, stated that Joes achievements are obviously great but the best thing about him is that he was a model professional and a great role model for young boxers, and hence, it was a completely deserved award for him.