Cain Velasquez Planning November Return

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Leading American MMA star Cain Velasquez has expressed his desire for a November return, much to the delight of his fans.
“I would personally prefer to fight at least twice in a year”, said Velasquez in a recent interview.
“I just feel that would be perfect for me. I am pretty active still & take to rigorous training. I would get myself a small break & swing back afterwards. I do not feel we get ourselves injured much in the matches- yes we sometimes- but I would prefer to get some time for relax & then gradually hit back to training. I do not wish to rush into things straight away.”
While asked on whether UFC wants its heavyweight champ not to set restrictions regarding his availability, the American star fighter was really candid in his reply.
“Well, that is what I would wish for & that is what I would like to do”, Velasquez said in response. “In 2013, I fought 3 times & that was slightly hectic for me. However, if I have to do that again, I would do it.”
The 31-year-old UFC heavyweight champ is presently nursing a labrum surgery. It is the 2nd shoulder surgery for him in his MMA career and the last one was in his 2011 title-winning performance a7 the UFC 21 Fight over Lesna (Brock).
“I have been in fights even after my previous shoulder surgery 3 years back. I know that it’s pretty hard but I have to get gradually back into my fighting mode. It’s true that I have felt small tweaks sometimes but ultimately it was quite okay. So it would be fine”, the fighter added in. “I am in the final quarter of rehab & starting to gain my previous strength back.”