Boxing Basics: The Stance

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Have you ever watched boxing? Notice how they are leaned slightly forward, standing on the balls of their feet, knees bent, feet about shoulder width apart, tip of the weak foot approximately 3-6" in front of the tip of the strong foot and their body is loose and relaxed.

To find how much to bend your knees, I visualize a vertical line from my kneecap to the ball of the foot. The hips should be in a natural position with the back and your center of balance low over the balls of your feet. I prefer to have the front of the shoulders a minimum of an inch in front of the hips.

Fitness Model Melissa Lukon has some interesting tips on getting your stance right. "I lean the entire upper body forward. If the shoulders are at or behind center you will not have any control over your shooting. You shouldn't feel any pressure on the back or neck muscles in this position."

Whilst promoting her latest Workout DVD goes on to explain the likely pitfalls, and where you're probably going wrong.

"If you are, you most likely are leaning the shoulders forward but not rotating the hips with them. I breath through the stomach for shooting as upper body breathing disturbs the gun. I also try to maintain about 60% of my weight on the balls of my feet."

Get into this shooting stance and have someone push against your outstretched hands. You want them to use a solid constant pressure. If they can push you over, you are too tight or your legs or elbows are locked. As more energy comes in make sure that you don't rock back on your heels. Your body will overcome it for you if you just let it; rotate the hips and upper body more and bend your knees slightly more.

This will show you how to apply positive forward tension with your whole body.

This is the way to the fastest shooting. Relaxed but in control.